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I dont have hid (have to put in luxury package and popular pack. cost to much $$$)., Nissan pre-installed factory halogen bulb is a bit too yellow for me. I am looking to put in silvania silvestar, or some other better bulb that is whitish and less yellow. NO tinted bulb~

Being used to HID in my other car, i , I am not trying to duplicate HID/xenon effect here. I know that there is no way this halogen bulb can compete. All i need is less yellow, the color strained my eyes while driving roadtrip.

The thing is, it is not right to put in halogen bulbs that have higher watage rating than factory recomended. A friend put in 100W PIAA bulb in his 95 bmw, and it burn the headlight switch~ Lucky that there was no fire

Thanks ppl.
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