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Hi All,

I am considering replacing the BOSE head unit with a double din audio visual unit. Luckily ours and the Singapore MO's allow this cause the HU is not linked in to the climate etc... see what Chimpanzee did to his MO in Singapore.

Anyway, I have a few questions...

- Is it possible to keep the BOSE amp and sub and use it with an aftermarket HU?

- Does the BOSE amp power just the sub or the speakers as well?

- Where does the BOSE amp get its audio signal from? Is it just the rear speakers? Does anyone have a wiring diagram for the BOSE amp?

I would also want to use the steering wheel controls with an aftermarket HU. I noticed that PAC sell steering wheel interfaces. Does anyone know if the MO's steering wheel controls use just a single wire for all buttons or if theres a seperate wire for each button?

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