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I've noticed a common theme on this forum and common fault around the near 100k mile clutch coil and/or pulley bearing failure.
I have just become a victim of this too and like so many others was able to fix the issue easily and rather inexpensively. Purchased the kit from Amazon which comes with both the pulley /with bearing installed and the clutch kit. Installed it and a new premium serpentine belt since I was there and it was time to anyways.
I am all in at $75, thats $60 for the ac components and $15 for the belt. I saved $8 on the original belt price due to member discounts and coupons through advance autoparts. I would recommend using advance highly for reasons such as this.
As far as the removal and install, it went smooth and I only had one issue. This had to do with the aftermarket clutch coil shims that came with the kit. More importantly the amount and/or thickness of them. There were not enough and even after adding the old ones, I still needed to add one makeshift washer to the assortment to get the spacing correct.
The kit I bought will fit more than one make or model of car, but I was happy to see that the harness fit perfectly with mine. No added splicing work needed. I know the harness is removable from the old coil itself, however, it was nice not to have to do that.
I ran the auto active test several times before starting the car and testing the air temperature as you are supposed to do this before putting the whole thing back into service. Thats per the instructions for the clutch kit. Just so happens we have the auto active test which made everything from diagnosis to final inspection very easy.
Originally noticed the problem on a car ride where the ac was blowing cold. I turned it off throughout the drive because my wife gets cold easily (its all her fault, jk):p, turned it back on later and it blew hot air.
I couldn't hear the clutch, relay or load on engine kicking in when trying it again later and was relieved by this because I figured it was the clutch coil or relay. I verified this later by using the auto active test and was happy doing the work myself. I did also check for codes such as CAN communication errors and such, but there were none.
Im sure there are plenty of videos out there on how to perform the work, so I won't bore you with that. I do have the service manual, however that was useless in this case as all it said was to remove each part and put the new back in with zero description for any of the steps involved. The manual was a joke, however, it does seem like nissans literature is written for a dealer technician who most likely knows how to do this job and is relatively the same for most other vehicles. I always take a look incase the manual indicates something special.
I generally do all the work on my car myself unless its something like alignments or say the whole compressor needed replacing. I'm not gonna spend the time or money for tools needed to learn that kind of stuff, I'll gladly pay someone else reputable to do it.
Just wanted to say thanks for the others who have had the same problem and posted about it. It helped me out a lot and I thought I would pay it forward by adding my experience too. Glad this forum is here and appreciate everyone involved on it! Thanks!
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