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Side windows distortion

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I just bought a new 2020 Murano. I noted that the front passenger and driver side windows are distorted. When you pull the windows up or down and look outside you see the glass is wavey. It is more obvious when looking at a street sign or letters. When driving if you look outside with the windows up you feel somewhat dizzy. The experience is similar to wearing a wrong prescription glass. I took it to the dealer. They showed me 3 other 2020 Murano. They we're all like that. Anyone has similar issues? I think it is a manufacturer defect.
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Is it something that will show up in a photo?
Not in a photo. The window should be moving up and down or the car should be moving to see it.
Maybe a short video? You can upload it to YouTube and post the link to it here.
Any chance it’s the tint applied if the dealership did a light install? I notice in my area that almost every dealership installs tint the second the cars get on the lot and it’s usually very light on the front windows. I had to have them repair a bad install on a Rogue that has a similar issue to what you seem to be describing. May not be your issue but just throwing that out there.
Hmmm, I've never noticed this myself. But if you saw a bunch of other Muranos with same issue, then it may not be repairable and might just be the way it is...
This type of distortion seems to be more and more common as automakers use exterior glass with very slight convex shapes for aerodynamics and "style". It is usually more common on front windshields than side glass. If the dealer demonstrated that all of the other Muranos on the lot have the same characteristic, it seems it might just be normal.
Have not noticed anything like this in my '18. Maybe see if the dealer has any older Muranos on the lot to compare with the '20s.
Are you wearing sunglasses or tinted eyeglasses when this happens? Sunglasses/tinted eyeglasses often cause this type of situation when looking through tinted auto glass.
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I don't have much to add to all the excellent suggestions above except to say if nothing applies to you then I would take issue with the dealer and try and have them replaced. That shouldn't be a normal condition.
I just bought a 2023 Nissan Murano and I've noticed the same exact thing
Its a nice observation. However my eyes are not looking at my side windows going up or down while driving. Real compaints are always welcomed. I'm sure anyone going to different forums of other car manufactures will find the same type of complaints that are just postings of unimportance.
(Rant Over)
Did you guys ask your dealer for this issue? I have the same issue with my 2019 Murano. I did not notice it before as I wasn't driving it much. But now my son drove it and noticed it.
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