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Ok, i'm a little ticked right now but I figure I can get the real version here on this site.

I have had the Clarion Sirius satellite tuner installed in my car for the last20 months and have no problems at all with my US subscription. Model# SIR-CL1

So now we finally get "legal" Sirius in Canada and I cancell my subscription on the US side and subscribe to the Canadian side. I get connected but cannot recieve all the Canadian channels and still get all the US ones. The Sirius staff have told me my reciever is to old and I have to by a new one to be compatable in Canada!!!!!! They told me the tuner firmware is NOT upgradable because the unit is to old!!!!

Someone please tell me the firmware IS upgradable so that I may use it up here and recieve all the Canadian channels and the Sirius people don't know what the're talking about.

I actually have another Clarion unit in the boat and I will have the same issues there!!!! Man this sucks, close to $400 in equipment which is apparently outdated and Sirius won't even give me a break on the price if I need to upgrade but I'm pretty sure I just spoke to the wrong person right?
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