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I've been reading a lot on here about Sirius vs XM and people not being able to decide. With that, I will give you my 2 cents. I have had Sirius for close to two years and my best friend has both Sirius and XM.


Sirius has great music stations. There is rarely a song on that I dont love. All music is commercial free and the do have DJs, which is great.

Sirius also has NFL, NHL, NBA, NASCAR (2007), Howard Stern (2 Channels), Martha Stewart, ESPN, Fox, Traffic for a bunch of cities, E-Entertainment, and about 100 other channels.

I have to say that I travel a lot and I have gotten addicted to Howard and this guy on Howard 101 named Bubba the Love Sponge. I quit listening to Howard on regular radio but he is much better on SAT. The one thing about Howard's stations is that they have shows (like the old days) that get you hooked like Sitcoms. Anyone that has heard Riley Martin's show (this guy who said he was abducted by aliens) on Howard 101 knows what I mean!

XM has similar stations to Sirius (music, news, etc.) and they have Baseball. They lose NASCAR to Sirius in 2007. They also have a Orpah station and Opie & Anthony (but they are now simulcasting to terrestial radio)

My buddy says he prefers Sirius due to music, NFL, and Howard but he says baseball gets him to listen when he wants to catch the Red Sox on his boat.

Sirius lets you stream stations over the internet and I believe XM does too.

In my opinion (and Im a little biased), unless you are a big baseball nut (I am but I get them locally), I may be inclined to go with Sirius. It seems that they have more programming (NFL is big for me with my Fantasy Football league) and my buddy says the music is better.

THat's my 2 cents.

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I'm sure this has been beaten to death in here, but...

I'm a 22-year Howard fan. But I do occasionally spend months in hotels and enjoy baseball radio coverage. Did you know you can pay a **one time fee** of $14.95 and get the audio to every single baseball game for the enitre season on From preseason to the world series. $15 a year.

I'm also a bit of a NASCAR guy (hell, I'm in a hotel room right now an hour from Pocono parked in between Kurt Busch and Travis Kvapil's team trucks), so I pay something like $10/mo for Trackpass, with audio from 8 teams and MRN/PRN radio. I've also been into hockey (not enough to pay for it) and I was very upset to lose the NHL to XM for 10 years at the same time as picking up NASCAR for 5. We're losing a few dozen games a week (for 10 years!) in exchange for, what, 3 races, and probably a bunch of NASCAR talk shows. Why couldn't they give up basketball!?!? WHY WHY WHY?!?!

I usually listen to the games in a hotel room, but rarely in the car. So how do I play my Internet audio in the car? Unlimited Verizon EVDO card. Hooked up to an aux in on my tv kit or played through a USB FM modulator that shows up as USB speakers in XP. I even ordered a custom cable that converts my laptop s-video out and headphone audio out to RCA left, right, and video input. Perfect for putting MLB Gameday up on hotel TVs, but not so readable on the Murano nav.

Yes, Sirius rocks. XM has a comparable offering, but O&A and 30 minutes of Oprah **per week** simply pale in comparison to Sirius' personality lineup. Otherwise, the music, talk, news, and traffic & weather channels are pretty much equivalent. Some people argue about how "deep" the song tracks are.

I didn't shop for deep tracks. And yes, if anyone left Howard for the last couple of years on terrestrial radio, the new show is **SO** worth paying for. I'm usually laughing to tears once or twice a day. And with the 24-hour replays on 100, we get to hear different parts of the day's show at different times of the day on weekdays, and the weekday shows are repeated in order throughout the weekend. No, you wouldn't be paying for just the old 6-10ET show.. you get his show all day on 100, and various, similarly-styled, hand-picked personalities on 101.
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