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Sunshade out of tracks

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I have a 2015 SL AWD and when I went to open the moon roof the other day the sunshade got caught on something on the way back and now it doesn't roll back up. It still opens but the shade just hangs limp into the car and even hangs down a bit when in the closed position.

I've scowered this forum and google but I haven't been able to find anyone w/ a similar problem and/or solution. The only thing I have found was a notice about a recal on the same year Rogue's sunshade. So I was hoping someone here would have a way to re-align the sunshade vice having to take it back to the dealership.

I will post picks later when I have the chance.
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I guess the old adage of "use it or lose it" may apply.

Or it was just a manufacturing or assembly defect...

I'd just remove it rather than pay that much...
Interesting that an interior panel is called a "cover". I'd have thought that would be an exterior part, but no biggie. Many interior ceiling panels are secured by adhesive, and that adhesive can fail. But whether it's secured by adhesive or fasteners, it can be repaired. Dealers often don't "repair" stuff, they usually replace stuff.
If I understand correctly, the poster is referring to the cover that shades the moonroof, the topic of this thread...

It's not a panel, how would there be enough room for panoramic moonroof size 'panel' slide back to expose the moonroof? It's a thin cover that retracts to expose the moonroof.
I never open my sunroof/moonroof, and always keep the shade ajar about 2" to allow air to circulate to hopefully prevent the gliue that's holidng the shade on from getting hot and delaminating. What I hate is, when driving with the windows down, that shade is bouncing and vibrating all over the place. My concern is that it's that constant, semi-violent motion that's going to cause the shade material to let go. Incidentally, the shade vibrates no matter if it's fully closed or slightly opened. Lots of wind turbulence with the windows down.
Yes, there is a lot of turbulence with the windows down. I would consider opening the shade fully (retracting it) when you're driving with the windows down. All that fluttering is likely to weaken the shade I would think...
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