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I had a good one today... geez...

Someone got liberal with bug spray around the garage. This is that hornet/wasp killer that's in a spray can, with the 20-foot jet stream for getting nests and stuff. Well, one of my live-ins has a terrible aim and got it across the passenger side of my MO...

One blames the other and I'm not sure who to kill yet, BUT, that's not important. Bug spray got on my MO! Thankfully they were SMART enough to run in and tell me right away, and I DASHED outside, threw water on it, then washed with the only soap I had available... hand soap... then rinsed again.

I thank the maker that the stuff didn't sit on my paint for more than.. oh.. a minute, but still. Getting something as potent as bug spray on there really worries me, even though I made like a rabbit to get it off and get it off FAST.

Anyone get anything weird on their MO, or any other car?
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