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Thanks for the forum

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I appreciate you starting this forum, for the Murano has interested me ever since I saw it at Atlanta's Auto Show, a few months ago. Styling is unique; feature content is plentiful, so now I'm just waiting for the prices / availability. I remain somewhat cautious on the reliability of Murano’s CVT, as this is Nissan’s first application [I know of] here in North America. I remember reading that Audi’s CVT still can’t handle the extra torque found in the “S” models, like the 2.7l twin-turbo S4 [which I own] and Nissan’s VQ engine series is not a low torque producer. My wife really likes the styling (it would be her vehicle anyway), but we are also wondering about a potential blind spot in the rear quarter panel, somewhat amplified by the sake of styling. Only “seat time” will determine if this is true / unacceptable.


Atlanta, GA
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Thanks for the forum.

I have been interested in the Murano since I heard it was coming to the 2002 NYC auto show. I have been extremely frustrated at the lack of information available and now the push back in availability to December. I'm sure Nissan is losing millions of dollars in potential sales, so why the complete lack of information? There has been no significant news since I first saw the vehicle in March. I hope this forum will provide much needed information on the Murano before the lease on my max expires.
For what it's worth, the same lack of information was employed by Honda Co, when their new Acura MDX came out. There was nothing! Their website was updated about a month before the car hit the showrooms. Even then, their sales people had very poor training and lack on knowledge.

Is this a new marketing strategy, called "no marketing"?


For whatever reason Nissan is not promoting the Murano?

- Poor sales Pathfinder

- No money (doubt this) .... only costs pennies to upgrade their web site with more details

- French influence ...... don't seem to understand the importance of "advertising" to reach the masses. Interestingly they seem to be advertising the G35 (good move).

- Marketing gimmick ..... yawn!

Whatever the reason I feel that they are losing future sales. There are plently of alternatives and unless someone follows Nissan they don't have a clue what a Murano is.
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I'm with you brother

I keep saying the same thing...I went into dealer couple weeks ago, guys were just STANDING around..not one knew anything about Murano, and no one seemed tocare to help..

just don't get it!!

Ron :(
Still don't

They still don't know anything. I went to the dealer yesterday and they had three Muranos but the salesmen knew absolutely nothing about them. I was actually telling them things about the vehicles from what I'd picked up on the forums.

We had an article on the Murano in our local paper friday so there were a lot of poeple looking, most seemed to like the car/truck. I'm going back for a test drive later this week.
Wow... Talk about archives and memories. And these guys all registered in 2002!
Wow, including you Jaak. You know if I would have known about the Mo back then mine would be half paid for. :cool:
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