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Hello gentlemen,
I've read the majority of the posts on tires, and I still need some help. I live in the Atlanta area, and the driving conditions I encounter are paved roads and highways. I don't do offroading, nor drive the few times we ice on the road. So I know I'm looking for basic 'all season' tires.

From what I've gathered in the tires forum, and various dealer websites, these are some alternatives that people have been happy with:
* Kumho Ecsta STX 255/55R-18 XL 109V VR
$140 @
$112 @
* Yokohama Geolandar HT-S 255/55R-18 109H REIN HR
$155 @
$142 @

I still have the following questions:
1. Of these 2 tires, does anyone recommend one over the other?
2. Do all shops that install tires allow you to buy tires online, and deliver to their location?
3. Can anyone recommend a shop for changing tires in the Marietta, GA area?
4. What other costs besides the tire, shipping, and installation can I expect?
5. Anything else I should watch out for??

Thanks for your input!

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I would recommend you go with a different size that is closer to the original tire size: 265/60/18. The size you listed is a smaller tire (in diameter), and will throw your speedometer off by more.

Tires that have received positive reviews on this forum are (in no particular order):

For all season:

1) Yokohama Geolandar HT-S G052 (265/60/18)

2) Michelin Crossterrain (235/65/18)

If you don't encounter snow:

1) Toyo Proxes ST (255/60/18)

2) Kumho STX (265/60/18)

And of course there are the stock Goodyear Eagles.

As for ordering online, Tirerack lets you dropship to a list of installers they list on their website. Discount Tires will only dropship to their own stores, unless you make special arrangements with a local shop. Expect between $15-25 for installation, and if you have the tire pressure monitors, make sure you tell them so they don't damage it.

I have the Yokohamas and am quite happy with them.
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