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Although I've rarely posted, I'm glad to have had the opportunity to learn about various concerns, and experiences of everyone here. Before I run to the dealership, I figured I'd pick your brains:

I've got an 04SL AWD with Nav and Touring pkgs... I noticed a little while back that one of my tires was registering slighly lower pressure than the rest. Not alarming. Today after getting in my MO following dinner, I drove away and the TPMS beeped (rather obnoxiously loud!) and I found that one tire down to 26.

After checking the tires and filling the low one, the dash light and TPMS display didn't reset. I turned the MO off, let it sit for a few mintues, started up and still, had the Dash indicator light on, with no beep, and the TPMS display registered the new/inflated tire pressure, but still had that tire highlighted in yellow with a message saying Flat Tire, check all tires.

Any idea how to resolve this and make sure the "!"light and TPMS display return to normal? Perhaps I have a bigger issue? Any thoughts, feedback and/or ideas would be much appreciated

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