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I got my first MO here .

Well it took a while to find what I wanted, I kept going back and around places for 3 days trying to find what I want and I was being specific between a truck and a SUV - never had a SUV before. I was with a relative. Well after telling the dealers I was on a budget, what I expected to pay, etc. and another guy helped as he pulled that MO out from the back.

Surprises for granted. He told me a 14k deal. I took it for a spin. I like it a lot!

Went back in and said it's what I really wanted. The dealers were happy and gave me the said price even though he mentioned it was marketed at a higher rate but he'll let me have it at the said price.

Went through with the warranty options too because I didn't spend that much time researching on the common issue of the SUV. It had carfax record, 1 owner, wasn't told any lie. I kind of forgot what I went with, but electrical and tranny coverage I think. I did a very quick/small research for the '10 MO and it mentioned the tranny were one of the issue that was common but it wasn't that common.

Was told the first oil change is free. The rest I'll pay on re-occuring visits and otherwise, according to my warranty set up.

I have a very nice experience with these guys. There had been dealers who worked there for 30+ years! Very nice and well maintained place. I would recommend this place. I'm happy with my MO and the services I was provided with. I'll keep going back for sure. Probably one of the nicest dealer I've came across so far, and none of the agressive dealers are there.
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