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2012 Murano SL.

On the center console color display I can press the info button and reset the avg fuel mileage. But when I look at the Fuel Eco History with the sort of useless bars, I see the OPTION to reset the interval...but "latest" is highlighted. Using the big knob/wheel (Nissan Controller) or the buttons on the knob/wheel do nothing. Everything else is pretty intuitive but this one has me stumped.

INFO Button > Fuel Economy > Fuel Economy History > View > ???Reset Interval???

Turning the Nissan Controller does nothing, the directional buttons on the Nissan Controller do nothing. I can not select or highlight "Reset." I can't believe something is broken here. Am I doing something wrong? Anyone else have this problem? I swear I remember that option in my 2003 model. Or maybe you can't actually reset it? Please let me know. :) Thanks in advance!

P.S. - Maaaaybe it's not something you can actually "reset!" The "Reset Interval" might actually just be the title of the graph display? As in, here's your history, it will continue to change as you move along. Ya can't change history sucker.

Fuel economy record
Press the INFO button, then select the “Fuel Economy” key, then select the “View” key using the NISSAN controller.
The average fuel consumption history will be displayed in a graph form along with the average fuel for the previous reset-to-reset period.
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