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I just had a superb experience at Victorville Nissan Service and thought that I would share in case someone out there is looking for a good service dealer close to Victorville.

as stated in the thread:

my mo literally lost a pulley on the freeway about 80 miles from home during a 7 hour drive from Vegas to LA on Thanksgiving Sunday (normally 3 hour drive). When I called Nissan Security-Plus, they claimed that I don't have towing nor rental car (I have gold prefered - will sort this out later). Once I got to dealer and the service writer took care of the tow immediately and immediately started checking it out and got me out within 90 minutes on a Sunday evening.

The service writer is Brian. Anyone MO (or nissan) owner in Victorville in need of an knowledgeable service guy, this is where to go... TWO THUMBS UP!
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