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I retired in 2001.

Since then, my "job" has been as a professional investor.

As such I am heavily invested in Energy.

I am here to tell you that we will never see US$1.00 a gallon gasoline again.
Maybe we will never see US$2.00 a gallon gasoline again.

It's possible that we will soon see US$3.00 a gallon gasoline as the norm.

I am not talking about the temporary situation that is likely to develop next week when Oil Rigs in the gulf are damaged and a large refinery in Mississippi may be damaged by hurricane Katrina.
I am talking about oil.

And I am talking about supply and demand.
OPEC has already announced that "light sweet crude" has peaked. (last year)
From now on, the worldwide production of light sweet crude will be going down.

Light sweet crude is the easiest to make gasoline from.
All refineries in the US are set up for light sweet crude.
We CAN make gasoline out of Medium sour, but it IS more expensive.
And some believe (Hulberts Peak) that ALL oil production has peaked worldwide.

(I believe that is generally true. However Canada is sitting on something called the Oil Sands. There is an enormous amount of it.
However it takes very high gasoline prices to justify the increased production costs of extracting oil from sand and tar.)

So what has this to do with "warning" jaak? ;)

well jaak and I think a lot the same on some issues. (So do a significant number of others here).

jaak wants to drive something that has "panache".
He has already started looking ahead to his next car.
He has mentioned a couple of Chryslers that have Hemi power.

My advice?
If you are going to buy something with 250 HP (Or more) you better pick up a late 2005 or you better get a 2006........early.

The manufacturers will go into a panic with these gas prices eventually.
The only cars available will be retro models of the Pinto and the Chevette! :rolleyes:

OK it won't be that bad.
But remember the snorting monsters of 1969-70?
(Those of you who were born in 1970 (or later) are excused from the exercise.)

You could get a Corvette with 435 HP! On the showroom floor! Many many cars had 250HP or more.....
(I had a Duster 340 that was rated (for insurance purposes ) at 275 HP. The NHRA OTOH, rated it at 325 HP)
What a glorious amount of HP a guy could buy then!
By 1975 the Corvette was rated at 165 HP. Many of the great models, of all the manufacturers of the late 60s, were just ...........gone.

So, give it some thought. IMO it will happen again.


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Unfortunately, Homer, I share your fears. I lived through Oil Shock I and II. Cars absolutely sucked for 15 years after. We are living in good worldwide financial times compared to the 70s, But as we saw in 73-4, That can change in a relative heartbeat. Sure hope it doesn't get that bad again. I still make sure I have both even and odd numbered plates so I can get gas on both even and odd days!!.....22 years later.

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Thanks Homer!

I've been thinking the same thing... One of the thoughts is to get a "modern" muscle car, drive it while I can suffer the prices and then put it away as a toy... So it seriously has me considering things like SRT8's, knowing that we'll be back into the looking for gas misers again and this will be known as the second muscle car era.

I don't believe gas will get cheaper. But I'm willing to cough up the dough for a few years, to have a fun toy for later.

Friend of mine just bought a 1963 New Yorker with a 440 in it. And he's in the process of aquiring a GTX. Yup, toy cars, and he's having a blast with the NYer.

Of course there's the practical side of me, but I try to suppress that. :p

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That's what attracts me to the 5.7 litre Hemi. The MDS (Multi Displacement System) brings the fuel economy into the same ball park as the Murano. They seamlessly turn off four cylinders on the engine, when cruising.

And a 300C, last night, with exactly that engine, absolutely smoked me in the Murano, off the lights. The Murano could be a lot quicker, but it's held back from a stop, to reduce high torque loads on the CVT. It would be quicker off the lights, with a conventional transmission or better yet, a CVT that can take the load from a stop.

He was already way ahead, before the Murano was even allowing the engine power to come up.

Of course, this is not why I have a Murano.... But I'd love it with a V8!
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