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Weapon*R Dragon Intake Systems are CNC Mandrel Bent out of 6061 aluminum, and then Hand Tig Welded to ensure a positive seal and proper fitment. Each intake system is carefully tuned, by matching the engines displacement, air intake capacity and airspeed to the intake systems tube size and length, maximizing every engines performance output. This Intake is matched with our World Famous Dragon Filter, which provides maximum airflow, with the protection of high quality dense Poly Urethane Foam. Many studies have shown Flow rates of up to 80% more Air and Better Dirt Filtration with Foam Filter than the conventional cotton filter. The Dragon Filter features a Computer CAD Designed and Flow benched Tested Velocity Stack, which greatly increases airflow and air volume into the engine, therefore increasing engine performance. Another one of the Dragon Filters positive features are the capability to be disassembled to be cleaned and then re-assembled after cleanings or to change the color of the foam filtering element.



The Secret Weapon Intake was designed, to increase air intake volume to the engine. The concept is to create two different air velocity profiles, one traveling at higher speeds than the other. This technology increases air volume and speed to the engine, which naturally feeds the engine 3x more air than the conventional air intake system. The intake pipe is bent out of high quality 6061 Aluminum on our Automated CNC mandrel bender. Polished to a high show quality finish. The SW1 Air filter features a tuned velocity stack to increase velocity and decrease turbulence. 1 Million Mile Limited Warranty. Open pore high density re-usable foam filter.


MURANO - 03-05 - Dragon Intake System - 3.5L
MURANO - 03-06 - Secret Weapon Intake System - 3.5L

GO TO NOPI WEAPON-R Catalog for more specific details

Contact the salesmen below or PM me for "NISSAN MURANo_Org" deal
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