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What do you Call a Murano?

  • Car

    Votes: 5 19.2%
  • Truck

    Votes: 2 7.7%
  • Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV)

    Votes: 6 23.1%
  • Crossover (mix of SUV and Car)

    Votes: 11 42.3%
  • Automobile/Vehicle

    Votes: 2 7.7%
  • Other

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I was at a store the other day and an employee helped haul my stuff into my MO. He asked me which vehicle to put it in and I replied "The Blue Car, well truck...err that New Blue Vehicle right there" and pointed to it.

How do others handle this? Is it a Car, Truck, SUV, Crossover, etc?

To me it is bigger than a car
A truck has a bed in it (for the most part)
SUV are bigger than a MO in my mind
And not many people know what a Crossover is yet

Mo Betta
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One minor quibble. SUV has nothing to do with size. The old original Jeep was an SUV. There are SUVs that are smaller than the Mo (the Xterra is slightly smaller, older RAV4s, etc.) and some that are larger.

I don't have my Mo yet so I don't know what I'll call it.

Major Geek
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Definitely crossover

When people ask, I immediately call it a crossover. And if they don't know, they usually reply with something like, "a crossover? is that like a blend between a car and an SUV or something?" "You got it!" I traded in an XTerra for my Mo. This is definitely not an SUV. I can't (won't) take it places I've taken the XTerra.

One reminder that I had early on was while I was driving on route 195, the highway that cuts straight across NJ from Trenton to the Shore. For years when I would come across debris on the roadway with the XTerra, I would just line up the car and take it right down the center. Well, I was passing over what truckers call "an alligator".. it was the tread of a truck tire laying almost flat in my lane. Well, as I went to pass over it in the Mo, "BAM!" it hit the undercarriage right under my seat. I quickly realized I did not have the ground clearance I was used to in the XTerra.

Another time I was following someone on the NJ Turnpike (albeit a little too closely for the speed) and they JUST missed an orange construction cone. Well, at over 80mph, all I saw was an orange flash passing the right side of their car before (again) "BAM!" I hit it with the front right tire. It tore the right front rear (behind the front right tire) mudflap half off the car. Dealer covered the damage under warranty somehow.

Its not a car, and its definitely not an SUV. It has the comfortable ride of a car, but the usable space of an SUV. Its a crossover.

Thanks for asking. Good question.
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