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okay, consider this, if you will....

the wheel locks (oem or aftermarket) are a slight bit different in shape (and therefore weight) than the oem lug nutz........

so, when mounting them to our ultra-snazzy 18's, would there be an issue of balance???

i mean, doesnt the additional weight (not as oem balanced out) create the need to have the wheel rebalanced??

im curious here.....


ps- i have a new set leftover from my trooper, and, if the offset/inset shape & size is the same, im tempted.........

:4: :confused: :1:

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I’m no expert here but since the lug nuts are so close to the center of the wheel it probably doesn’t make a huge difference.

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Back in the olden days, you really didn't have your wheels balanced until you had them balanced ON THE CAR.
This took into account lugs, backing plates, drums/rotors and anything else that turned with the wheel.

All that was used was a machine to turn the wheels up to a very high rate of speed, and a braking system to stop the wheel.
Then you needed a real pro to attach the appropriate weight at the appropriate place.
The guys all did it a bit differently, but most would rest their fingers on the fender and feel the balance.
It took even a good guy several to many attempts.
But when he was done, you had a balance that was even better than the vaunted "Hunter system" in use today.
My guy in Dallas retired and my vette group would hire him and pay the frame shop he used to work at, to come in and do a few cars that had just bought new tires.

Another technique that is used sometimes is to have your tires "Trued" before you have them balanced.
In this procedure, your tire is "shaved". The wheel is spun and the high points of the tread will be shaved off.
Some say, they would never cut tread off a tire, because they want to get all the mileage possible.
I did this on my vette and got MORE mileage than guys who did not.
No tire is perfectly true from the manufacturer.

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