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First of all, we can make clear that I love this car and I havent been too worried about most of the problems I've experienced during the first 4 monthes of ownership. But today the MO pulled my last straw and I'm beggining to question the quality of such an expensive, (in my books atleast) luxury vehicle. In 4 monthes of ownership i have experienced more problems then my friend has experienced on 12 years of ownership on a 91 buick roadmaster. So what is going on? Lemon? I just can't understand why a 50 000 dollar car (cdn.) has sooo many problems. The first problem i noticed was the radio reception, right after delivery. I understand that this can be fixed and i planned on giving a list of things that needed to be fixed after new years and I have time to drive to the dealership (40 minutes away) and have a few things fixed. So radio reception wasn't such a biggie on my list because i mostly listen to CD's anyways. But this morning on the way home from the grocery store, the CD started to crackle, then it cut out completely. The Bose system still shows that the CD is playing music and it changes, ejects, loads CDs normally. But there was no sound coming from the speakers! I switched to Radio, the station comes up but no sound, no matter what volume i select. So my guess is that its the wiring between the radio and speakers or the amp went out. So I now have no sound in my MO. Just the hum of the engine. (atleast that's working) So what should I do? Do I have a Lemon?
List of problems:
Radio Reception Poor
An absolutely horrible screech from the brakes When braking in Reverse. The Dealer says we have brakes like this and we have to accept it. But i have the horrible sound on video tape. Its embarassing backing out of the driveway in the morning.
Some type of water bubbles in the grill at the front. (talked about in a previous post)
No sound from any of the speakers in the MO.
Still waiting for the alternator to fail (knowing the luck I've had so far)

Do I have a lemon? What should i do if i do have a lemon? Lets make it clear that I love the MO and I want to love mine, but this is getting frustrating. thx for any replys.

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First the important stuff. is a list of TSBs (Technical Service Bulletins)
The ones you need are
04011 for the brakes - Had this one done. It worked but I had to go back and have them set the alignment with the steering wheel centered this time.
There is no TSB for the dealer but you need a new one. No, you do not have to accept this.

03039 for the radio - This only helps of the radio is REALLY bad. After it is fixed it is much better, but this is not a great radio/antenna combination. The antenna is cut at one of the smallest wave lengths I have ever seen. Looks good, but is not the best for reception.

The grill obviously has some original workmanship problems and needs to be replaced under warranty.

The radio is just one of those things. It can be almost anything connected with the Audio out of the Tuner or the Amplifier or the power to the amplifier, etc, etc.

You have not come close to qualifying for any lemon law I have ever seen, but I have never seen the ones in Canada.
Here in the States, it is almost always the number of times to be repaired and the number of days the car is unavailable to you.
IMO you are very premature to be talking about Lemon Laws.

I do feel for you.
I went through the same thing.
I bought a Japanese car, a new 1999 Miata. It was flawless, but like the Murano and the Alternator, there was a very good chance the engine would self destruct. Since this was my "Sunday car" I was going to reach the end of warranty from a time POV long before I reached the typical mileage of the engine failure. Mazda would do nothing about extending the warranty, so I had to sell the car. I am a retiree. I do not budget $6000 for engine replacements.
but, it HAD BEEN flawless............

So, when I saw the Murano.............

I got rid of a virtually flawless Chrysler Town and Country to buy the Murano. People tell me I was "lucky". Lucky or not, that's the way it was. One failure in 6 years.
My Murano had 5 "failures" in 6 months.
3 trips to the dealer and overnight each time.
I was ready to dump it.
But a funny thing happened on the way to the classifieds.........
The thing just started running right....(OK I had to give up on the rattles.....)
And now it has gone 6 months without any new problems. And it IS fun to drive. And the Gas Mileage is now Excellent IMO.

But, you are right.
You have to adjust your expectations downward when you buy a Nissan IMO. And you shouldn't have to.
If all of japan built cars like this, they wouldn't have the reputation they do.
Nissan does not build as high a quality car as Honda and Toyota IMO.
They build a good car, not a great one.
But that's just the workmanship and reliability factors.
There ARE other factors that have to be considered.
Or not.
There is certainly nothing wrong with someone getting rid of their Murano.
But if the new car is worse......................and it could be!

So, you pays your money and you takes your chances.

I think my Murano will me with me for many years.
But I also think it will always be "on probation".

Take it in. Get it fixed. And see what happens.


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There is a TSB on radio reception that the dealer can fix. The D=CD is a loose / bad ribbon connection search this forum and you will find helpful info, I don't know if there is a TSB on the CD or not sometimes it is not the connector but the dealer will do a change out, Since the dealer is so far away call your service advisor first and get him up to speed, he may even order the parts ahead of time IF he is up to snuff. hfelknor has you up to speed on the brakes. Dealer will change out the Grill. Once you get the "Flaws" taken care of you can probably start enjoy a very unique vehicle. By the way have them do an alternator check.

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Thanks for the replys,
The grill will be replaced after the winter under warranty. I will run with the grill i have now through the harsh Canadian winter and then get a fresh one for the summer! :) The TSB will be performed on the radio reception, and when the vehicle gos in for an oil change tommorrow, I will try to have the stereo speakers fixed and running again. As for the brakes, i talked to my service rep and at frist he said the brakes are made like that.:3: I told him if he cant fix the brakes another dealership will. After that he told me he has no choice but to fix them then. :D I look at it this way now, I'd rather have the speakers go out on me on the way home from the grocery store then the alternator or something in the engine. Its just those small problems that frustrated me. They will be fixed ASAP though so i can enjoy my MO again to the max. I just don't know how I'm gunna make it 40 minutes away to the dealership without any tunes and in complete silence!
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