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Many of the car companies out there offer $1000's of dollars off the sticker price and 0% financing.

Nissan does not even offer any incentives on the Murano ( they might now, but when I bought there were not any) So many dealers are forced to sell the car very close to or below the invoice. They still make $$$ on the car. The keep a percentage of the vehicle price as a hold back. i think it is 1.25-2.25% from nissan.

Quality is not an issue, You will find some people buying the Murano and waiting months to get them in. Some minor quirks with the MO, but all vehicles have these.

The Murano keeps getting good reviews and has a body style that is eye catching. Their sales may have started off slow, but seems to have picked up in the past few months.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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