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Does anybody have a wind-faring (deflector) attached to your OEM crossbars? If you do, could you share a close-up picture?

I know Yakima makes one, but it attaches to the round bars, and I am not sure if they have an attachment to convert to the flat OEM bars MO has.

The reason I am asking -- over the weekend I went skiing. I have a set of OEM crossbars with Yakima Big Powder Hound attached to them, and they made sooooooooo much wind noise I was ready to throw them away (just kidding). But seriously, those folks with bike, kayak, etc attachments on the roofs, how do you guys deal with the wind issues, or I am simply overreacting?

Do you have a sunroof wind deflector? Does that lowerthe wind noise? I am simly looking for solutions and suggestions :confused:
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