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Something strange and out of the blue. Took the MO out today in moderate rain and temp of 45=F degrees. My wipers are usually very quite but started making a noise that sounded like they were running over an iced up windshield or a dry windshield. If you have ever just turned on the wipers by accident and they had no water to move, similar to that.
There was enough rain falling so you can rule out a not wet enough windshield. It makes the noise on all speeds. It is not the motor you hear its the blades on the windshield. I brought her in the garage and wiped down the blades and windshield with my 20/20 Auto Glass Spray Cleaner. I proceeded back outside in the rain and see no difference. Swoosh, swoosh is what I hear.
I have not waxed her in a couple of weeks and I don't think there is wax on the windshield. The blades glide smooth over the glass and they don't do any herky jerky moves. They function very well, the glass is clean swept with no lines and misses that you see from worn out blades. They actually function as well as the day she was new. Just got this strange swooshing noise.
Anybody else ever have this with the MO?:eek:
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