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In my last vehicle I had a band pass box with 2-10's and a 250W amp bolted to the side of it. As in the MO it also had the rear 12V outlet which provided power for the amp. Running a remote on was simple from the fuse panel. I used wires from my rear speakers to provide signal, the sub amp had it's own crossover.


Considering that:

1. I have a stock OEM system, not Bose.
2. My MO has only 750 miles on it and I do not relish the thought of yanking apart door panels or the dash to find signal sources.

How da heck am I going to get the signal for the amp?

I see a connector that I believe is for the Bose sub in the spare tire well. Is this connected to the OEM base system? ( I bet not.... ) If I can simply splice into the speaker wires under the door entrances, this would be acceptable. Does anyone have the color codes?

The first thing my sons and ALL of my friends asked was "Are ya gonna put the sub innit?"

Nuttin like some cranked Astral Projection to cruise and glide down the road with. :D
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