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A vendor contacted me about a software mod that he says is "software for Nissan Murano Z52 which activates CarPlay/Android Auto if the car doesn't have it from the factory."

I know there must be members interested in this, so I am opening this thread specifically for discussion of this software. If anyone has a problem with the software or the vendor, post that immediately and I will monitor it and/or shut the thread down., this is your thread...please post only here. Members, please post any questions here instead of starting new threads.

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Payment on PayPal
After installing I will send you all the instructions and files to burn the SD card

Thanks for the response. I think I'll pass for now. Android Auto isnt $300 important to me.

Good to know the option is there though.
Anyone on here installed this onto their 2017? I am interested in knowing how Android Auto works. I'm concerned that the system was not initially intended to have this feature, so the processor/internals aren't up to the task and it's really slow and laggy?

Would hate to spend money on it just to have something run slow.
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Hi! No lags, as a lot of customers told, the system is running smoother, here is an example
Thanks for the reply. Seriously considering this....
Thanks for the update and info on the USB ports. I also noticed mine charges slowly. I don't blame Nissan though because smart phones just started coming out earlier this year, so they couldn't have known to install a more powerful USB port.

I'm excited for 2030 when wireless charging finally comes out and Nissan will be the first to adapt it.
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