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A vendor contacted me about a software mod that he says is "software for Nissan Murano Z52 which activates CarPlay/Android Auto if the car doesn't have it from the factory."

I know there must be members interested in this, so I am opening this thread specifically for discussion of this software. If anyone has a problem with the software or the vendor, post that immediately and I will monitor it and/or shut the thread down., this is your thread...please post only here. Members, please post any questions here instead of starting new threads.

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I haven't looked into this, call me suspicious, but something doesn't add up... Apple CarPlay was added in 2017.5, both have been available since the 2018 model year. Is this "software" is supposed to make model years 2015-2017 all of a sudden be able to access Apple CarPlay/Android Auto? I doubt it, but maybe I'll be surprised...
Yes, we can add CarPlay on 2015-2017 cars :)
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Many thanks to @Pilgrim for this thread

Well, let me tell you a little about us
We have been working with OEM multimedia satnav systems of Nissan/Infiniti cars for more than 15 years, we used to do this locally, but a few years ago we realized that it was time to enter the global market, now our services are ordered from the USA, from Australia, from Europe, from everywhere
Unfortunately, we have not gained much popularity in the Murano club, but this is a temporary difficulty, later the same threads will be created for the Z50/Z51 and you will be able to familiarize yourself with our services for these models

You can check what do we do here and feedbacks here:

We don't like aftermarket Chinese equipment, we are OEM fans
Our main works: repair, upgrade (for example, in Murano 2007 we can supply the system from Murano 2011+ in the maximum configuration with a wider functionality compared to 2007), as well as conversion (if you live in Europe and bought a Murano from Japan / USA, then we will make European navigation maps, European radio), etc.

A few years ago we made firmware for Nissan Leaf 2015-2018, in these cars, there were no CarPlay / Android Auto, these functions appeared only in Leaf 2018+ (before that we developed the conversion firmware of Japanese cars) these firmwares received huge success around the world

And now our hands have reached the firmware on Nissan Murano Z52, in cars where there was neither CarPlay nor Android Auto, we will add both functions, in some versions there was only CarPlay, we can add Android Auto there, I will write more detailed information
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Nissan Murano Z52 software upgrade! Activating CarPlay+Android Auto on 2015-2017 cars!

Why do you need it?
If your car doesn't have CarPlay or/and Android Auto functions, you will get them (exclusive!)
If you lost your SD we will restore it!
Works on any Nissan Murano Z52 (European, American, Korean cars)
If your car was imported to Europe, you will get European navi maps, European radio, languages
Installing remotely via SD! No need to remove/disassemble/solder/swap your system
No need to install a low-quality aftermarket stereo/install 2018+ Murano stereo, use your OEM system like never before
Regular FREE updates
Support from A to Z

+37255562274 WhatsApp/Viber
[email protected]

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Will you be offering any additional functions for 2019+ Muranos with the Bosch head unit in the future?
Will look about any possibilities
What do you want to do new with your head unit?
Wireless CarPlay and AA would be nice, but that would require a hardware add-on I would suspect...

It would be nice to be able to install apps like CVTz50.

P.S. It will work if you have CaPlay or Android Auto!, if your car doesn't have it, it will not work
P.S.S. Tested on Murano 2015 after our firmware
What's the cost and how do you get it?
Payment on PayPal
After installing I will send you all the instructions and files to burn the SD card
Our firmware is also available on our eBay store, you can purchase it on eBay, the price is higher because of fees, but more safety for you
Will you be offering any additional functions for 2019+ Muranos with the Bosch head unit in the future?
Check pm please
+1 happy customer who got CarPlay on 2016 Murano, this time the customer is from Korea :)

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Since you've just joined several hours ago, can I ask how you first heard of this and why are you here posting how great it is? Not for nothing, but it seems too good to be true that all of a sudden we have a poster here that's just joined saying how great a $300 upgrade it is.

Not the first time fake accounts have been created to drive a product. Now if this was from a long time poster here, I wouldn't be as leery.

Some before and after pics with a working video would be nice showing a US car.

Sorry to seem blunt, but I call it as I see it. Not always right, but better safe then sorry.

Have a good day.
Let me introduce more too:)
Mark contacted me by mail and after installation I asked to leave a review here, hoping that there would be more trust, but I missed such an important nuance that it would look like a fake
Can please someone answer me what do you want to see to understand that we are not fake?
You can always check our feedbacks (on this page you can find feedbacks with CarPlay update) , I can find more posts with feedbacks on other models FB groups/forums if you need
Also, here is some screenshots from Murano Facebook group with feedbacks (you can find these posts yourself in this group Facebook Groups)

We have ~1000likes/followers
Here is the screenshot of the Nissan Elgrand forum, we are the partners with them

Please just let me know what info do you need for more trust


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I really hope you have enough of this evidence
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Check please :)
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@Pilgrim @PaulDay

We have an idea, you can choose the right person yourself, who has been registered for a long time, who needs this service, we will do it for him with a very good discount! In case of successful installation ( it will be 100% successful :) ), this person will have to leave his feedback here (by the way, we always accept ONLY PayPal for payment, which provides buyer protection and in "scam" case you can always request a refund from PayPal)
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Okay guys so here is are my videos as best as I could. This was done on a 2015 Nissan Murano, I followed instructions and all went.I did not record my install but it is exactly how Xanavi shows it on his videos. After my initial install I had the Pandora app grayed out on Android Auto, it suddenly appeared when I was shooting the video. So that was awesome to see it comeback. The only downfall if it matters to any of you is that the SiriusXM Tuner stopped working. I got an error that showed "Check Antenna" I contacted Vlad and he did confirm that it happens on some units. Thankfully I can still listen to SiriusXM using the app. I look forward for future update that will fix this. Hope these will help yo all with you decision as I am very happy with this. It's almost like having a new car again. LOL! Enjoy. Nissan Murano Vid Part 1 Nissan Murano Vid Part 2
Thank you for your feedback mate!
Enjoy it馃槉
Of course and thank you. Please let me know when you get that SiriusXM Tuner working again.
Will post it here and on
Hey everyone, please check the next thread
Hello Everyone,

I have read this post 3 days ago, I have been searching on how to update my car 2015 Nissan Murano SL to have Android Auto for the past 4 months, I explored all the possible options and came to a conclusion that I must get a newer version of the radio untill I texted, helped me a lot, I don't think I was ever supported by any seller the same way I was supported by them, it was a lengthy process .. however they kept with me online step by step untill the installation is complete, and answered all my questions with honestly and humble.

Am so happy with the update, I have a fully working system after the updated (except SXM) but I don't care for now as I tried it before and didn't like it.
I really encourage everyone who is considering this update is to speak to them.

Once again thanks guys and am looking forward to the future updates 馃槂. View attachment 54238
Thank you my friend 馃槉
Enjoy it 馃槈
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