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@XanaviNet I sent you the file from my 2017.5 Murano and emailed the file after lunch. What is the turn around getting the activation code on the file from you tonight? I am not sure if I can drive my Murano without the transfer not being finished yet. Please let me know. Thank you!
Hi @jasocr2199 , curious how long it took for you to get the license file? I am planning to perform the upgrade soon and want to know how long is the wait when you are in a different timezone. Also, the guide they sent says "Nissan Murano 3rd gen Z52 (2016-2018) CarPlay/Android Auto Update". Mine is a Nissan Murano 2015 Platinum 4WD. Will the steps work for 2015 too?
1 - 1 of 150 Posts