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Hello, I recently discovered this thread after reading another thread related to swapping the physical radio out of Muranos. For the people that have successfully downloaded, installed and use on a consistent basis. How long did it take to update, have you run into any issues with original options not working (ex: SAT Radio, FM etc) and are there any quirks that have come up?

I just did this update...took a few hours. I couldn't get the software they recommended to burn the iso file to the SD card, so I just downloaded another one, Rufus. It took about 40 minutes for it to burn it to the SD card, then about 10 minutes to load it on to my radio. Then I emailed them a file they needed to active the software - took about 3 hours for them to get back to me. Followed the instructions and it's up and running. Totally worth the $200 (sale price) and I didn't have to pull out my radio and replace it with another one. Recommend if you want to get this done on the same day (USA), email them first thing in the morning because they are on a different time zone than us. I was pleasantly suprised to hear back from them today to be honest when I emailed them at 1130 CST with the info they needed to active the software. Thanks so much for making this software!
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